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MsMA 2023 Competition Sheds Light on the Accomplishments of Peter Tan, Asian Billionaire

Peter Tan is a billionaire and also the CEO of Millionaireasia in the Asia-Pacific region. In addition, he is a talented business trainer and serves as the Chairman of PTO Holdings, a diversified business group with ventures in various fields such as venture capital, real estate, education publishing, and many others.

MsMA 2023 is a contest born with the purpose: Create a useful playground to find and honor the beauty and talent and knowledge of women, aiming to turn women into ideal role models. Asian ideas.

Derived from a very human message for Asian countries to jointly develop economic values through cooperation for economic development and the status of women. At the same time, it is also an occasion to remember the late mother of Mr. Peter Tan (a billionaire and currently holding the title of CEO of Millionaireasia company). He realizes that he has a responsibility to raise awareness of women’s achievements and contributions. He hopes that through this contest, he can create more female millionaires in Millionaireasia’s community of more than 80,000 millionaires.

Portrait of Asian billionaire Peter Tan: Through MsMA 2023 competition.

Apart from running Millionaireasia, Peter Tan is also the Chairman of PTO Holding, a group of companies in technology, healthcare, beauty, education, real estate investment, and import-export.

This group operates not only in Singapore but also expands to other markets such as South Korea, China, and Hong Kong. Peter Tan is also appointed as Honorary Consul of Georgia in Singapore.

The MsMA 2023 competition is being held in Vietnam.

The Ms Millionaireasia 2023 competition, also known as MsMA 2023, is inspired by the theme “Women for Women” and the slogan “Asians for Asia,” aiming to honor women as an ideal model in Asia. The competition not only provides opportunities for women to participate but also supports this movement by promoting Character, realizing Ideas, and propagating the Values of oneself.

The main sponsors.

Participants will be trained by reputable advisors throughout the competition to promote Character development, realize Ideas to create Value, and become the champion. MsMA 2023 is not a beauty contest and there will be no judges in this competition.


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